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Kesar Kulfi

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Adjust Servings:
1 1/2 l full organic milk
organic khand sugar
1 tsp kesar strands
1/2 cup rice flour or corn flour
4-5 tbsp sugar
melon seeds
cardamom powder

Nutritional information

637 kcal
149.32 g
9.38 g
2.22 g
90 mg
0 mg

Kesar Kulfi

  • Veg
  • 2 hrs 30 mins
  • Serves 4
  • Easy



Who doesn’t like some delicious kesar kulfi? The delectable flavors of the cream melts in the mouth with the characteristic taste of the kesar strands. Time to benefit from the goodness of saffron infused right into your very own homemade milky desert! Kesar added even in very small quantities lends great flavors and nutritional value to your dessert preparation. Make yourself some delicious kesar kulfi to beat the heat the healthy way!

Kesar kulfi delivers the goodness of milk and kesar on a kulfi stick or kulfi platter. Saffron has numerous health benefits and is known to help protect against cancer; it also helps prevent cold and promotes hair growth as well. What’s more, kesar helps with memory retention and improves brain function. It also promotes learning!

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How to make Kesar Kulfi

  • Boil the milk in heat resistant patila (brass/copper pail) and then simmer. Just when it begins to simmer, add the rice flour and melon seeds and stir till the milk mixture condenses.
  • Add the sugar and turn the heat off and let the sugar dissolve completely. Add the saffron.
  • Remove the pail from heat and place on a cold surface. Let the mixture cool down to room temperature.
  • Add a hint of cardamom powder and pour the condensed milk mixture into the kulfi moulds. Carefully place the stick through the center of the kulfi mixture in the mould and place the moulds inside the deep freezer for about two hours.


Kesar has been highly praised in the Ayurveda as a wonder herb that calms the body and mind, cures insomnia or depression and its wonderful essence is almost celestial. Saffron also called the auspicious herb has flavors and properties which somehow seem out of this planet. Kesar has a distinct flavor and a small amount can deliver a delectable essence to your sweet dish. Kulfi is a traditional form of condensed milk dessert, frozen in earthen casts, and has an earthy aroma when made the traditional way in earthen pots!

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