Vaya Lynk® - the smartest Bluetooth tracker

  • Find lost items
  • 100 feet distance coverage
  • Community Find
  • SOS Alert
  • Selfie Camera Control
  • Replaceable battery
  • 90 db loud alert
  • Splash proof

Vaya Lynk - Find lost and misplaced items

In today’s fast-paced life, misplacing items and forgetting essentials happen every day. Precious time is wasted in searching for the TV remote, car keys, wallet, phone and even the gym bag! Tag essentials with Vaya Lynk and you will never have to search for any thing ever after. No searching, just finding.

Stop Searching. Find Anything.

Tag your everyday essentials to your Lynk device and pair it with the Lynk App. You will never need to search for items ever again! Tag it to your luggage, your wallet, hand bags, TV remotes, mobile phones, document folders, car keys, house keys and more!

Phone not found. Ring it with Lynk

The sleeker and fancier mobile phones become, the easier do they go missing, sliding between cushions or a pile of papers. If the mobile is on silent, it becomes quite a task to find it. Well, not any more. Tag your phone with Vaya Lynk and any time it plays hide and seek, press Lynk and your phone will start ringing, even if it is in silent mode.

Don't leave your essentials behind

Ever forgotten your wallet while going shopping? Left your charger behind while going to work? Failed to take your home keys while returning? It is such seeming trifles that leave us stumped. Not any more. Tag your essentials with Vaya Lynk and get a notification if you forget any of your items. Vaya Lynk will send you a notification, the moment you step out of your office.

SOS alert with Vaya Lynk

Feel Safer with Vaya Lynk. The device keeps you close to those around you and also to your near and dear ones. In case of emergency, press and hold your Vaya Lynk and it will send out a loud SOS alarm alerting people nearby. That is not all, on SOS activation, three of your chosen contacts will immediately get a notification with your exact location.

Great Selfies with Remote Control

Selfie sticks are so passe’. Say hello to Lynk, your remote selfie device. Your Vaya Lynk can remotely control the camera on your phone. Click your Lynk to get great selfies. Your photographs will be stored in your phone.

Community Find - The city searches for you!

Just in case you miss the notification alert while forgetting an item, the Lynk devices in your locality or city will help you locate your lost item. On losing your tagged item, simply Report the missing item on your Vaya app, and if any other Lynk device happens to go past your lost item, you will get the exact location of your item. With the growing number of Lynk users in your circle, chances of getting your lost item become higher.

Personalise your Vaya Lynk

Get your name etched on your Lynk device. This way, you can easily identify your Lynk among the other devices that family members and friends might own. A personalised Lynk device also makes for a great gift option for weddings, birthdays and just about any special ocassion.

Vaya Lynk app on Playstore and iOS App Store

Download the free Vaya Lynk app to pair it with your tagged Lynk devices. Tagging your items with Vaya Lynk and pairing them with the Lynk app is a formidable arrangement to help you find your misplaced essential items.

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Use Vaya LYNK, and find everything in a wink!

Vaya Lynk is a smart Bluetooth tracker that comes with a companion app to help you find your belongings faster. Download the Lynk app on App Store or get it on Google Play. Show more

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