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  • Hygienic, covered spout area.
  • Keeps liquids up to 12h hot & 18h cold
  • Stainless steel slim body that easily fits in your bag / car holder
  • Easy to hold design
  • Easy to clean body
  • Anti-slip coaster base

Two Lids for a great Drynk!

Vaya Drynk


An innovative lid ensures that you will never hit your nose while taking a sip.


Favourite drinks are meant to be guzzled. Cheers to our wide-mouth Gulper lid!

Drynk Anywhere!

Vaya Drynk
Vaya Drynk
Vaya Drynk
Vaya Drynk
Vaya Drynk

Take your pick

Drynk comes in two sizes. Drynk 600, that’s great for water and delicious juices and Drynk 350, for aromatic coffee or tea. Choose between the two based on your own preferences!

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Vaya Drynk Vaya Drynk

Vaya Drynk

Beat the heat with a chilled drink on the go or the cold with plenty of warm soup with the Drynk from Vaya.

The Drynk is a stylish stainless-steel water bottle that retains temperature of the stored liquid. The Drynk is perfect for carrying porridges, buttermilk, juices, smoothies, and of course coffee and tea! Heat-retaining bottles that have been in use for the past two decades are heavy and bulky. However, the Drynk is light and sleek. Other features of this product include: Show more

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