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Wood Apple Juice

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Wood Apple Juice

  • Sweet
  • 5 mins
  • Serves 4
  • Easy



If you are looking to cool off with a refreshing and tasty drink on a hot summer day, but want something other than lemonade, then wood apple juice is definitely something to take delight in.

Surprisingly, they are not another type of apple. A wood apple or Bael fruit is also known as elephant apple (because in other regions such as Thailand, they are a favorite fruit for elephants to feast upon) and also known as monkey fruit.

It smells absolutely amazing because its aroma has hints of mango, banana and maple syrup. If you eat them as is then it would be a little too sour for you. Therefore, a juice that has some sugar and even coconut cream is the best way to drink it.Here is a very quick and easy recipe to make wood apple juice at home.Enjoy a refreshing glass of cold Apple juice post your workout with smart water bottles from Vaya!

Health benefits

Aids in digestion

Wood apple is an excellent laxative if one is having any constipation issues. It eases the intestines and helps in carrying out the bowel movements. It has antifungal properties that combat against any bacteria in the rectum.

Acts as a blood purifier

Wood apple eliminates toxins from the body by purifying the blood. You can eat a tablespoon or two of its pulp or drink its juice. It is preferred to drink it in warm water to see best results.

Effective for ear aches

Many herbalists use wood apple’s root for treating ear aches.

 Prevents scurvy

Wood apple is abundant in vitamin C and if consumed regularly, can prevent scurvy. It also increases the immune system’s strength and thus protects against viral infections.

Keeps diabetes at bay

Wood apple helps diabetes levels in check by reducing insulin and glucose leaves. If you are diabetic then its best to not use any sugar in the juice or at best add a pinch of brown sugar in it.

Gives an energy boost

Wood apple increases metabolic activity, is high in protein and boosts overall energy.

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How to make Wood Apple Juice

  • Crack the wood apple open and scrap out all of its pulp using a spoon in a blender
  • Add the coconut milk, water, sugar, salt, black salt, lime juice in the blender as well.
  • Blend till the mixture reaches a smooth consistency.
  • Serve immediately with some ice cubes or keep refrigerated.
  • Garnish with some mint leaves and enjoy! 


  1. It is considered a sacred fruit among Hindus and it is widely cultivated in India and Srilanka.
  2. It is also naturally found in other tropical regions of Asia such as, Nepal, Nicobar Islands Thailand and Myanmar
  3. Wood apple is known to have many medicinal benefits and is also used in Ayurvedic medicine for treatments for many ailments.
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