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Teleme Cheese Pizza

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Adjust Servings:
For the Dough :
2 cup of flour
1 tsp of salt
7 gm active dry yeast
Water as needed
1 cup bread crumbs
For the Pizza :
2 cups Marinara sauce
1 packet sliced teleme cheese
2 tbsp olive oil
salt to taste
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese
a few fresh basil leaves

Teleme Cheese Pizza

  • Veg
    • 40 mins
    • Serves 2
    • Easy


    • For the Dough :

    • For the Pizza :

    How to Make Teleme Cheese Pizza

    For the Dough

    1. Take a large mixing bowl.
    2. Add flour, salt and active dry yeast into the bowl.
    3. Gradually add water into the bowl as you begin to mix all the ingredients together.
    4. Knead the mixture into dough using your hands.
    5. Once, the dough is done, place it on a baking sheet sprinkled with bread crumbs.
    6. Sprinkle some dry flour on top of the dough.
    7. Cover the baking sheet with a damp cloth and set the dough aside to rise for at least 2 hours.

    For the Pizza

    1. After 2 hours, take the dough and flatten it out over a pizza pan.
    2. Take a fork and make little holes into the dough using it so the pizza doesn’t puff up too much.
    3. Spread the Marinara sauce on the pizza dough in a hefty quantity.
    4. Drizzle some olive oil on top of the sauce.
    5. Sprinkle some grated parmesan cheese on top of the sauce.
    6. Place the Teleme cheese slices to cover the whole dough except for the crusts.
    7. Place a few basil leaves over the pizza.
    8. Drizzle a tablespoon of olive oil on top again and put the pizza into a pre-heated oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 20 minutes.
    9. Remove the pizza from the oven and serve hot!


    • Pizza was considered as peasant meal when it was first introduced to the world in the 1800s
    • Americans eat 350 slices of pizza per second
    • Kids aged between 3 to 11 years prefer pizza over all other meals

    In contrast with others, Teleme cheese is soft and fudgy. It is mostly used for pizzas

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