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Teesra Prawn Cocktail

  • Sweet
    • 15 mins
    • Serves 2
    • Easy



    You never knew that prawn cocktails existed before this article. But as weird as it sounds, the cocktail is delicious to gulp down. All those juices come together in a delightful cocktail which is bound to be a crowd pleaser. The best part is how easy they are to prepare in the kitchen, without requiring any special knowledge of the pantry. When it comes to nutrition, nothing beats the teesra prawn cocktail because it utilizes the best of prawn and tomato sauce. It is therefore, the perfect cocktail to try if you have a love for prawns.

    Health benefits

    Prawns are an excellent source of low fat but high quality protein. They have plenty of omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, vitamins A and E, potassium and phosphorous which are vital for the healthy functioning of the human body. They also help in gains when it comes to muscle mass. Prawns are an excellent source of calcium which helps to strengthen bones and maintain the structure of teeth in their place

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    How to Make Teesra Prawn Cocktail

    • In a medium sized bowl, mix the mayonnaise, tomato sauce, chilli sauce, salt, pepper and 1 tbsp of parsley.
    • Cut the six prawns into small pieces and add them to mixture.
    • Marinate the prawns with olive oil, salt, black pepper and ½ tbsp of parsley.
    • Chop up the lettuce into smaller pieces.
    • Place a few leaves at the bottom of the martini glass.
    • Top them with three spoons of cocktail sauce.
    • Cut four tomato slices and place them around the sides.
    • Garnish with black olives and parsley.
    • Add boiled egg and a single marinated prawn.
    • Repeat these steps with the rest of the glasses. Enjoy!


    • Did you know that prawns have larger eyes when compared to their body?
    • Shrimps belong to a group of animals called crustaceans.
    • They benefit the ecosystem and help to remove dead skin and harmful animals in our reefs.

    They are known as the cleaners of the ocean and help to keep fish healthy.

    Tawa Surmai
    Tawa Surmai
    Tellicherry Pepper Prawns Fry
    Tellicherry Pepper Prawns Fry
    Tawa Surmai
    Tawa Surmai
    Tellicherry Pepper Prawns Fry
    Tellicherry Pepper Prawns Fry

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