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Sweet Lassi

  • Sweet
  • 10 mins
  • Serves 2
  • Easy



Have you ever seen people talk about the sweetness in drink recipes got from yogurt? Such drink recipes have got their peculiar flavors but Sweet Lassi stands out from the class. With your lunch box, tiffin box or the lunch bag, you can enjoy the drink recipe to the peak. If you have never had a taste of the Sweet Lassi, then you are probably at the wrong side of the town.

Of course, we cannot give accurate description to the satisfaction you stand to get when you take the drink recipe. It is carefully blended with yogurt, water and some spices. Your kids won’t demand for something better. You should look out for lunch boxes for kids or lunch bags for kids. Then, you can package the Sweet Lassi for your kids.

Now is the time to make it in your own home. I have structured our well-laid steps on how you can prepare the Sweet Lassi for yourself and your family. So, you can send for the ingredients now. 

Health Benefits 

Sweet Lassi enhances the immunity of the body system. It can protect you from bacteria infections. By this you can stay healthy as long as you want. With it, you can’t have issues with your digestive system. It keeps your digestive tract in good form.

It is an embodiment of vitamins needed to make brain functional. It can help you to retain your appetite. Also, it can give strength to your bone. For those with bone fracture, it is a nice drink recipe that can always ask for. It can help you to reduce the cholesterol of your body system.

For those who have lost much weight on account of illness, Sweet Lassi should become part of their daily meals. It can help speed up their recovery. Hiking and picnics are much more with the Drynk from Vaya. Pour some Sweet Lassi into the Gulper from Vaya Drynk for the entire gang and have with jelly sandwiches!

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How to make Sweet Lassi

  1. You should get a small bowl. In the bowl, you pour your 2 cups of chilled yogurt. 
  1. Get a blender. With it, you should blend your cardamom powder. Make it appear very smooth before other ingredients can be mixed with it. 
  1. Pour your sugar. Then, add the two cups of chilled water or milk. If you don’t want it to be too thick, you can use one cup of water and one cup of milk instead of the 2 cups of milk. 
  1. Blend it well so that the sugar can dissolve completely. Apart from the sugar, other ingredients need to be properly blended as this will give a very smooth texture. 
  1. At this point, you can add the strands of saffron. After this, you should blend it once again so that other tiny particles can be properly blended. 
  1. The next thing is your ice cubes. Mix your drink with the ice cubes. Then, you can get it served. 


  1. Sweet Lassi is really nice to take. It comes with an enticing flavor that you can’t resist. It can be taken before or after the day’s meal.


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