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Summer Cooler

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Summer Cooler

  • Sweet
  • 5 mins
  • Serves 1
  • Easy



Summer Cooler tastes well. It is an ideal drink recipe that you can always enjoy once it is served. Its nutrient level is very high and it can help you to make your day juicy. With the lunch box, tiffin box, or the lunch bag, you can take your Summer Cooler to every location that you want.

When you look for lunch box online, you will see the best one that you can use. It could be lunch box for office only when you feel like taking your Summer Cooler to your work place.

However, you can package it for your kids too so that they can take it in their schools. If you feel like doing this, you would need school lunch box or tiffin box for kids. Whatever you want, you will always get the cover you need.

Since you need to know how the Summer Cooler is prepared, I will put you through the process once and for all. So, listen carefully as I explain the process to you.

Health Benefits

As the major ingredient in the Summer Cooler, watermelon has a number of health benefits. It contains potassium is high quantity. Potassium is known for its cleansing power on the kidney. So, it can be used to treat kidney disorders in humans. It also reduces aging spots on the surface of the skin.

Also, its nutrients help to regulate blood pressure. The potassium property in watermelon serves as a vasodilator. This vasodilator eases the tension that is always on arteries. Through this, easy flow of blood is achieved. It also cuts down the chances of heart failures.

Regular intake of watermelon can help to prevent cancer. One notable nutrient that ensure this is lycopene. Watermelon is very rich in lycopene and its intake should be encouraged by all. As an antioxidant, it helps to restrict the movement of harmful toxins into the body system.

Its ability to control diabetes is also commendable. As a result of its nutrient compositions, it is suitable for diabetes’ patients. They can continue to take it since it can help them control it very well. Beat the summer heat by packing your favourite juice in a Vaya Drynk and enjoy the chilled Drynk on the go!

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How to make Summer Cooler

  1. Get a container that you can use to mix the watermelon juice, orange juice, coconut water, and the lemon juice. 
  1. Add salt to taste and mix it very well. 
  1. Add the coconut flesh to it. 
  1. Garnish it with the mint leaves. 
  1. Pour it in a waiting glass. The glass must be filled with 3 ice cubes. 
  1. Serve it immediately. 


  1. Summer Cooler is really nice. It is a lovely drink for summers. Its collection of nutrients is very high and it is just too delicious to be forgotten.
  1. It is a nice treat for every event.
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