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Puran poli recipe

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Adjust Servings:
For the mixture
nutmeg — grated
1 tsp cardamom powder
1 cup sugar
3 cups water
1 cup chana dal — washed
For the dough
1 cup water
2 tbsp ghee
1 tsp salt
2 cups maida

Nutritional information

298 kcal
49 g
8.5 g
7.7 g
0 mg

Puran poli recipe

  • Sweet
  • 35 mins
  • Serves 15
  • Easy


  • For the mixture

  • For the dough


A Marathi recipe which is made from wheat flour with dollops of ghee, puranpoli is sweet in taste and makes an ideal delicacy for Diwali. While the sweet inner lentil filing is called Puran in Marathi, the outer covering of bread is called Poli, giving it the name, PuranPoli. This dish is very easy to prepare and is loved by children and adults alike! The puranpoli is made throughout the country and has many variants, with each variant of puran bringing out a unique taste and flavor to the poli. In Gujarat region, this delicacy is made with toor dal.

Health Benefits

Chana dal is known to be an excellent source of dietary fiber and helps to reduce cholesterol levels. It is great for those suffering from diabetes as well. Chana dal is a great source of calcium, protein, zinc, and folate and has very low-fat content.

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How to make Puran poli recipe

  • Add chana dal to a pressure cooker and cook for about a minute adding water.
  • Remove excess water and coarsely grind the dal. Add sugar to the mashed dal and mix well. Cook at a slow pace.
  • Add grated nutmeg and cardamom powder. Mix well.
  • Cook on low flame while stirring continuously until the mixture turns dry. Allowto cool.
  • Add maida in a bowl to prepare the dough. Combine with ghee and salt, mixing thoroughly. Make a semi-soft dough with water. Cover the bowl with a damp cloth and set aside for half an hour.
  • Roll flat balls from the dough just the same way as chapatis. Dust with maida and roll into round shapes. Fill with puran (filling) and cover the edges. Roll again into a round shape.
  • Cook the puranpoli on a hot tawa cooking both sides evenly, applying lots of ghee. Serve hot!


Interestingly, one of the most important spices used in the puranpoli recipe, nutmeg, was once used to ward off plague. Ground nutmeg is also a source of the nutmeg essential oil which is very popular in the pharma and perfume industries.

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