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Badam Burfi Recipe

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Adjust Servings:
3/4 cup badam / almonds
1 cup hot water
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
2 tbsp saffron milk
4 cardamom / elaichi powdered
2 tbsp ghee / clarified butter
Note: 1 cup = 255 ml

Nutritional information

516 kcal
76.5 g
1.44 g
24.09 g
206 mg
64 mg

Badam Burfi Recipe

  • Sweet
  • 30 mins
  • Serves 6
  • Easy



It is indeed a challenge to choose the dishes you want to cook for special occasions. Particularly, Indian dishes have so many sweet snacks that belong to the top of the list. Badam burfi or almond burfi belongs to that category. Badam burfi is one of the Indian sweets prepared with ground almonds and sugar syrup. You may also choose a replacement for sugar, one that everyone can savor to their heart’s content.

Burfis can be eaten as a snack, or you can serve it as a dessert after the main course. Burfi just like many other Indian sweets is prepared during Indian festivals. If you ever happen to visit friends or relatives during festivals like Diwali, Navaratri and Ganesh Chaturthi, you will find Badam burfi in the menu of most households, especially in northern and southern India.

Health Benefits

  1. Almonds contain a large number of nutrients. They are filled with antioxidants, and high in Vitamin E.
  2. Almonds help you control blood sugar. Magnesium which helps in controlling the blood pressure levels are present in almonds as well. It is also known to lower cholesterol levels. People who want to have a calorie control diet can eat almonds, eating almonds reduces hunger.
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How to make Badam Burfi Recipe

  • In a large bowl soak almonds in hot water for 1 hour.
  • Peel the almonds skin gently and keep them aside.Pat dry them.
  • Transfer the almonds into a small blender.
  • Do not blend for a long period. Almonds' consistency must be coarse, like a grain flour. Keep the powder aside.
  • Prepare the sugar syrup by adding ¾ cup sugar and ½ cup water.
  • Keep stirring on a low flame, continuously.
  • Boil thesugar syrup until it thickens a little.
  • Add the almond powder, saffron milk, and cardamom powder.
  • Stir continuously while keeping the flame low.
  • Continue to stir until the mixture separates from the pan.
  • Transfer onto the butter paper.
  • Allow it to cool for at least 5 minutes.
  • Apply a little ghee/clarified butter on your palm and knead the mixture for a minute.
  • Roll the dough using a rolling pin.
  • Cut into square or diamond shape as per your preference.

Tip: You can use edible silver leaf for decoration.


  • The word "almond" comes from Old French almande or allemande.
  • California produced 998 million pounds of almonds in 2004. The largest crop on record was in 2002, with 1.084 billion pounds.
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