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Pumpkin Juice

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Adjust Servings:
1 small pumpkin
3 carrots
1 apple
½ ginger
Cinnamon cloves
Egg white protein

Pumpkin Juice

  • Sweet
    • 7 mins
    • Serves 4
    • Easy



    This particular recipe reminds me of my all-time favorite movie series, Harry Potter. It would be practically impossible to talk about pumpkin juice without mentioning Harry Potter, and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The juice was made popular by the series as you could see it almost every meal: breakfast, lunch, etc.

    Although pumpkin juice is just gaining global recognition, it has been known and enjoyed by vegetarians and naturalists for quite a while due to its positive effect on human health.

    To make pumpkin Juice, the flesh of small but sweet pumpkins is juiced into a thick, delicious, and healthy beverage that can be enjoyed on the farm during harvest period.

    Making your pumpkin juice is not as hard as carving out the bigger ones during Halloween. It’s as easy as peeling the skin of your small pumpkin, cutting the flesh and putting it into a juicer.

    Health Benefits

    Pumpkin juice is beneficial to humans in a number of ways. Similar to other colored foods like carrots, oranges, etc.; pumpkins are rich in carotenoids. Carotenoids fight muscular degeneration which could cause blindness. It also contains a number of powerful antioxidants which can aid in the prevention of cholesterol deposits. Being rich in dietary fiber, it helps stimulate the digestive system.

    On top of that, pumpkin juice is often used to detoxify the body, leaving your kidneys and liver in optimal condition, a claim not many other vegetables can make.

    And finally, pumpkin juice has high levels of Vitamin C which serves to boost your immunity, while Vitamin E keeps your skin clear, among many other benefits. Vaya Drynk helps retain the temperature at which you pack your beverage. On a hot afternoon, have some fresh and Pumpkin Juice from Vaya Drynk and ditch those preservative-laden soft drinks.

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    How to make Pumpkin Juice

    1. Wash the outside of your pumpkin thoroughly with running water.
    2. Use a clean vegetable peeler to peel the skin from the pumpkin.
      Note:Skin is usually hard and can clog the juicer, which could ruin your delicious pumpkin juice.
    3. Cut the pumpkin into halves, and then halve them again.
    4. Carefully scrape off the pulp and seeds.
    5. Cut the flesh of the pumpkin into small bits and throw them into the juicer.
    6. Pour in your spices and stir. 
    1. Your pumpkin juice is ready to be served chilled. 


    Pumpkin juice can serve as a sedative to induce sleep thanks to magnesium and tryptophan, which release neuro transmitters responsible for sleep.

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