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Pulled Pork

  • Veg
    • 10 hrs 20 mins
    • Serves 16
    • Medium



    Pork is a popular dish across the globe, and different ways of cooking this meat have been invented. Pork is basically the meat of the domestic pig and can be eaten fresh and after being preserved, as ham, bacon, and sausage, which are some examples of preserved pork. But for those of you who don’t know yet, what exactly is pulled pork? It is a method of cooking pork where a normally tough cut of meat is cooked gradually under low fumes. This ensures that the meat becomes tender enough to be “pulled”, or so fragile that it can be easily broken into smaller pieces. The best part of pulled pork is that it is found in diverse forms all across the world.

    There is also the pulled chicken, which as the name suggests is the same way of cooking chicken. This style of cooking is suited to a barbeque-style setting, where everything is made in an open, simple setting and the cooking speed is on the slower side. Today, we will take a look at the recipe to prepare this dish.

    Health Benefits

    Promotes satiety, which is the state of feeling satisfied for a longer duration of time, helps in weight loss and is a great source of protein, vitamins, and iron.

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    How to Make Pulled Pork

    1. Mix the 2 tsp each of ground cumin, smoked paprika, brown sugar, and pepper together, along with the 1 tsp of salt. Apply this mixture over the pork. Put the pork in a big enough dish with the skin-side up and pour the 2 mugfuls of cider onto it. Cover this preparation and heat in the oven at around 140-degree Celsius for between 4 to 8 hours. Remember to check this dish every few hours for dryness, in case of which add another mugful of cider.
    2. Once ready, take out and separate the meat, keeping it in another big dish while leaving the liquid in the original dish. Cut off the skin and shred the meat with the help of two forks. Get rid of the fatty bits, and off the resultant sauce, skim any excess fat. Add a mugful of barbeque sauce to the original bowl with the liquid, mix well and add some portion of this mixture to a bowl so that it can be used as a dipping.
    3. Put the pulled pork back into the original dish with the remaining liquid so that it remains moist and add any seasoning if you please. You can serve this pulled pork in soft white rolls and some coleslaw, along with the dipping for the added experience.


    Pork is actually the most commonly consumed meat worldwide, and evidence of pig husbandry dates back to around 5000 BC.


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