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Poisson Ala Bel Meneure

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Poisson Ala Bel Meneure

  • Non Veg
  • 45 mins
  • Serves 4
  • Easy



French cuisine might sound difficult on paper, but it isn’t as hard as some people believe. The recipes are surprisingly easy to perform and all ingredients can be easily fetched from the nearest grocery store. The Poisson Ala Bel Meneure involves boneless pieces of fish marinated in spices, garlic sauce and mushroom. It is enriched with layers upon layers of flavors which are guaranteed to be mouthwatering. This quintessential French recipe should not be missed by hardcore food aficionados because it does justice to authentic French culinary traditions.

Health benefits

The combination of mushrooms and boneless fish make this recipe an excellent source of nutrients. All the essential amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids and proteins can be benefitted from. This makes it an excellent means of gaining muscle mass at no cost of weight gain.

Fish contains a rich reservoir of potassium and calcium. Both of these are important for the growth and maintenance of bones in our body.

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How to Make Poisson Ala Bel Meneure

  • Marinate the boneless fish with white pepper, salt and lemon juice. Set aside for 30 minutes.

For the fish

  • Coat both sides of the marinated fish with flour.
  • Heat oil in a skillet, stir in butter and dredged fish.
  • Turn the fish on all sides until golden brown.

To prepare the sauce

  • Stir in butter, garlic, mushroom (sliced), croutons, white pepper and lime juice to a separate skillet. Add some salt to taste.
  • Mix the contents well. Once the sauce is ready, spread it evenly on the fish and garnish with a bit of parsley.
  • Enjoy the delicious French cuisine at home!


  • Did you know that France has a difference kind of cheese every day?
  • Snail is considered a delicacy in France, and people eat approximately 500,000,000 snails every year.
  • Did you know that France is the world’s first country that has banned supermarkets from throwing away unsold foods? This encourages supermarkets to give the food to charities instead.
  • People in France prefer to drink their beverages from bowls instead of glasses. They would sometimes dip their bread and pastry in it to accentuate the taste.

France is among the largest exporters of agricultural products.

Noel Zola

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