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Mocha Coffee

  • Sweet
    • 10 mins
    • Serves 1
    • Easy



    Mocha Coffee, also known as Mocaccino, is chocolate flavored. Its distinct taste has made it to be the favorite drink of most people in Yemen. It can be packaged with the stainless steel lunch box or the lunch bag. If you are using the lunch box, you can sort for lunch box online.

    The major ingredients of Mocha Coffee are chocolate andhot milk.Apart from Yemen, where the drink is very popular, it is also taken by Indonesians. It is a drink you would always love to take either before breakfast or after you have already taken your meal. You can package it for your kids as they go to school but you will need lunch boxes for kids. You can also get a school lunch box.

    For most people, it is always difficult to get the Mocha Coffee off the market. Why bothering yourself when you can easily make the Mocha Coffee right there, in your kitchen?

    Interestingly, the ingredients for the Mocha are always handy. At your comfort, you can get these ingredients. So, I will show you the easy ways of making the Mocha Coffee. By this, you can be the producer of your own drink at your own pace and comfort.

    Depending on your preference, you can sup it directly. You can also use it to cook. What matters now is that you should know how the drink is prepared. So, stay with me as I put you through the process of its preparation.

    Health Benefits

    One distinct merit of the Mocha Coffee is that it jerk you up medically. It helps in no small measure to give you an improved mood. By this, you can always stay alert and this will make your anxiety level go down.

    Its nutrient is very vital in moderating the blood flow. Of course, this has the capacity of boosting cognition and attention of the body. It is very rich in protein and it helps to repair the cells of the body each time the need arises.

    Obviously, the tissues of the body are helped to remain active by the protein reserved in the body. The continuous intake of the Mocha Coffee can provide adequate nutrients for the body so that it can perform its metabolism activities easily.Pressed for time to down that hot cup of coffee? Just pour it into a Vaya Drynk and sip on the run!

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    How to make Mocha Coffee

    1. Brew the quantity of the coffee that you want. 
    1. Use up to 4 tablespoons of the coffee with 6 ounces of water. 
    1. Add equal quantity of chocolate syrup with warm water. Then, put the sweetened cocoa powder into it. Stir it properly so that everything can blend together.
    1. Add the syrup to your coffee and the milk as well. You can add sugar as you want. 
    1. By now, you can enjoy your Mocha Coffee.


    Mocha Coffee can be put into a number of uses. Its distinct taste has made it suitable for those who do baking things. It is also a very satisfying recipe for drinking.


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