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Mango Panna

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Mango Panna

  • Sweet
  • 20 mins
  • Serves 1
  • Easy



Mango panna is one of the go to drinks on the Indian subcontinent, perfect for alleviating the brutal and intense Indian heat. Although, it’s native to India, you shouldn’t be shy about trying it. Don’t let your geographic location stop you from enjoying this exceedingly cool and healthy drink.

Mango panna is natural and delicious, primarily due to its chief ingredient being mango. Its high nutritional contentensures that it continues to spread its popularity around the world.

Although its main ingredient is a seasonal fruit, it is still readily available across the world. You just have to be able to secure some mangoes, and you’ll be able to enjoy wonderful mango panna, just when you need it the most during the summer season. When mango panna is properly prepared, it gives an inviting flavor that you won’t be able to resist.It’s suitable to drink all day long, and perfect for social occasions when entertaining guests.

Health Benefits

Regular intake of mango pannacan keep your body constantly cool. It aids digestion, and is a great treatment for stomach disorders.

It is very rich in Vitamins A and C. Hence, it serves as an antioxidant to stave off free radicals. With it, you have little to worry about from the bacteria of your immediate environment. It can keep your body atpeak efficiency all day long. Its high composition of iron will also boost your immune system and help with anemia. Beat the summer heat by packing your Mango Panna in a Vaya Drynk and enjoy the chilled Drynk on the go!

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How to Make Mango Panna

  1. Rinse the mangoes in running water.
  2. Use a pressure cooker to steam the mangoes until they arevery soft and pulpy. 
  1. Peel the mangoes and remove the pulp. 
  1. Mix the salt and cardamom powder with the pulp. 
  1. Use a blender to blend the ingredients thoroughly. Make sure to get a very smooth consistency. 
  1. Stir well and add ice cubes to chill. At this point your delectable Mango Panna is ready to be consumed.
    Note: Optionally, look for an air tight bottle that you can use to store your Mango Panna. 


With mango panna, you can get the exotic flavor you have always looked for. Its wide spectrum of nutrients will make you feel like you are on top of the world.




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