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Clam Cake

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Nutritional information

420 Kcal
18.56 g
24.3 g
37.54 g
120 mg

Clam Cake

  • Sweet
    • 50 mins
    • Serves 30
    • Easy



    Clam cake is a must-try dish for all seafood lovers. With a thick and crispy outer crust and a soft stuffed interior, it is the crunchiest cake you can ask for. It has bread like texture and is not greasy at all. People, regardless of their age, can never say no to a fresh clam cake.

    You can now enjoy crispy and mouth-watering clam cakes at home with this recipe.

    Health benefits

    Clam cake is rich in protein and minerals, such as iron and magnesium. If you are looking for a food that is both nutritious and yummy, clam cake is the answer. For people who want to gain weight and build mass, it can be a tasty option.

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    How to Make Clam Cake

    1. Set the oven to medium high heat and add vegetable oil until it is 3 inches deep. Heat the oil to 375 degrees or close.
    2. Take a bowl and mix the clams with their juices, milk, butter, and egg.
    3. In a separate, larger bowl, add flour, salt, baking soda, baking powder, and black pepper. Whisk together.
    4. Add the clam mixture in the larger bowl, along with lemon juice. Stir together but not over mix.
    5. Take a large tablespoon or a cookie dough scoop to put the batter in the oil. Make sure you do not crowd the pan. Adjust the heat according to the requirement.
    6. Fry for 4 to 6 minutes in total, until the clam cakes are cooked and turned nice brown.
    7. Line paper towels on a baking sheet and transfer the cakes on it to let them cool.
    8. Finish when all the batter is gone.
    9. Serve warm with lemon and sauce.


    • Carrie Cooper, the proud owner of a clam shack named Aunt Carrie’s in Narragansett is believed to be responsible for inventing clam cakes. This goes back to 1920.

    Clam cakes are the specialty of the Rhode Island but are now beginning to grow famous across the border into the South Coast of Massachusetts and Connecticut.

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