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Bloodhound Cocktail

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    If you enjoy a refreshing summer cocktail, add this one to your to-do list. The Bloodhound is a well-balanced alcoholic beverage which combines gin, sweet and dry vermouth, and strawberry for sweetening.

    Having friends over this weekend? The Bloodhound will put a smile on their faces and a spring in their

    Although the Bloodhound originated in the households of the bluebloods of society, it is also a drink
    favored by the common man, or the common woman. The ingredient which propels the Bloodhound over its counterpart-cocktails is the fresh strawberries, which are part of the sub-group of power-fruits. Power-fruits are highly nutritious, and contain anthocyanins, which enhance your short-term memory. That makes the Bloodhound a favorite drink of senior citizens. Strawberries also contain high doses of fiber, and have been proven to help prevent
    esophageal cancer.

    Vermouth is another key ingredient in the Bloodhound, and it, too, has a number of health benefits. Vermouth is basically a fortified wine that is aromatized for consumption. Vermouth, both sweet and dry, is used in all types of cocktail, including the Manhattan, the Martini, and the Negroni. And for the health conscious, Vermouth contains no preservatives.

    So brighten your party atmosphere and serve the Bloodhound to all your visiting friends. You won’t be
    sorry. To whip up a Bloodhound Cocktail, carefully follow the instruction below.

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    How to Make Bloodhound Cocktail

    1. In a blender mix gin, vermouth, and the strawberries.
    2. Add some ice cubes and blend
    3. Drain into a cocktail glass and serve.


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