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White Wine Sangria

  • Sweet
    • 30 mins
    • Serves 8
    • Easy



    Are you planning to host a little party during summer? Are you expecting relatives and friends to come to visit? Or is it that you’re going on a summer outing with your family? Or perhaps you just want to enjoy summer at home by yourself. If your answer to any of these is yes, you must consider making a drink that is light and refreshing and sure to entertain. And what better than white wine sangria? It’s sophisticated, goes down smooth, and can brighten up a dull day or even the most insipid party!

    While making white wine sangria, you can use fruits that are in season or according to your preferences. white wine lovers mostly prefer fruits that highlight the wine’s zippy acidity, such as citrus fruits, apples, or tropical fruits. Beat the summer heat by packing your White Wine Sangria in a Vaya Drynk and enjoy the chilled Drynk on the go!

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    How to make White Wine Sangria

    1. Empty wine into a pitcher.
    2. Addjuices from the lime, lemon and orangeinto the wine.
    3. Deseed orange wedges and toss the wedges into the juice-and-wine mixture.
    4. Add brandy and sugar, stirto dissolve, and refrigerate overnight.
    5. Add ginger ale before serving to ensure that the sangria retains its sparkle.


    • While Spaniards enjoyed the sangria for a thousand years, the drink didn’t reach the U.S. until 1964—at the Spanish Pavilion at the World’s Fair in New York.
    • Sangria is derived from the word sasnguis, which means blood in Latin.


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    Shengdana Chutney
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