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Tangy Mint Sauce

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Tangy Mint Sauce

  • Veg
    • 10 mins
    • Serves 8
    • Easy



    Condiments are essential to add in some extra flavor and bit of a kick to regular bland meals. From simple foods like sandwiches and French fries to gourmet foods like sushi and filet mignon, all good meals come with a condiment.

    Many people love condiments even more than the actual food, as a good sauce can change the entire dish and make it better. Mint sauce is an excellent dip for a wide variety of cuisines. It goes with traditional English roast dinners, spicy Indian dishes and fried street-style food.

    So why not have it onhand like ketchup, mustard and other sauces! You can make your own mint sauce at home and modify it to your liking.

    Health Benefits:

    Form the ancient times to now, mint has been used for its many health benefits in many forms. The leaves contain an essential oil, menthol which is used to treat stress and headaches. Mint also has considerable amount of minerals and vitamins. It is rich in vitamin A and C, calcium, zinc and copper. In many Middle Eastern and South East Asian countries, mint sauce is a regularly used condiment. From days of old, they use it with fatty foods, as it has citric acid which cuts through fat. Mint and coriander both also have antioxidant qualities.

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    How to make Tangy Mint Sauce

    1. Wash cilantro and mint thoroughly and pat dry excess water.
    2. Chop onion and green chilies into chunks and crush the garlic.
    3. Grind garlic, green chilies and onions into a coarse texture.
    4. Add mint, cilantro and lemon/tamarind juice, and water (1 tbsp. at a time) and blend smooth.

    Serve it fresh as a condiment with your meal, or store in an air tight container for later. Make sure to refrigerate it and use a clean spoon to pour it or it might catch fungus. You can leave it in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.


    • Mint is a fragrant spice used in different types of cuisines. It is used in sauces, savory dishes and desserts. Mint chocolate chip ice-cream is a popular choice.
    • Because of its cooling qualities and fragrance, mint is used in hygiene and beauty products.
    • Mint gets its name from the Greek mythological word Minthe. Minthe was a nymph who was transformed into a plant, which we now know as mint.
    • In ancient Greece, mint held spiritual value and was used to cleanse temples and homes. It was also rubbed on tables, beds other furniture to welcome guests in their homes.
    • In ancient Egypt people were buried with coriander among other foods, as they believed that it could be used as food in the afterlife.
    • Coriander or cilantro smell and taste like soap to many people because of a genetic quality.
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