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Steamed Crab with Tomato and Daal Rasam

  • Non Veg
  • 45 mins
  • Serves 4
  • Easy



These steamed crabs are served with delicious rasam daal that adds a lot of scrumptious flavors and richness to the recipe. The richness in the recipe comes from the flavors in the rasam daal, which is known to be really delicious and tasty. This dish is best served hot, and will take you into a rollercoaster ride across the best cuisines of the world.

Health Benefits

Crabs are found to boost mental cognitive activity and protect your heart. Crabs contain a diverse range of nutrients that assist your body in one way or the other.

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How to Make Steamed Crab with Tomato and Daal Rasam

  • Set the crabs inside a pan and wash the crabs by steaming them in an oven, or inside a steam pot, until the water comes to a boil.
  • Wash and drain the toor dal properly, before cooking it inside a vessel with water. Keep cooking until soft, and then mash the daal with a ladle.
  • Take out some oil inside a non-stick pan and add cumin seeds inside it. When cumin seeds crackle, add chopped garlic, ginger and green chili. Sauté for about a minute.
  • Now, add salt, black pepper, chopped tomato and rasam powder to the pan.
  • Add some water to create a tomato masala, simmer for a while.
  • Add daal water inside the pan and simmer.
  • Pour desi ghee in a pan and mix mustard deeds, curry leaves, asafetida and urad dal inside it.
  • Finish the rasam dal with some chopped coriander.
  • Serve the steamed crab and tomato rasam now.


  • The largest specie of crabs, the Japanese Spider crab has a leg span of about 12 feet from claw to claw.

Crabs are also known as decapods, because of their 10 legs.

Chizu Kudo

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