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Spinach Almond Pesto

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Spinach Almond Pesto

  • Veg
  • 25 mins
  • Serves 4
  • Easy



Spinach Almond Pesto is a delicious, flavorful sauce that can be enjoyed with crackers, or you can toss it into pasta to make it a divine dish.

Adding some spinach and almonds into the pesto brings a rich and yummy combination that’s not only tasty but is exceedingly healthy for your body too!

Here is an easy recipe to make this basic pesto that is ready in 5 minutes with ingredients that are readily available to you. This recipe yields one cup or four servings of pesto.

Health Benefits

Spinach almond pesto is highly beneficial if you make it a regular part of your meals. It is effective against inflammatory diseases and is a nature’s gift for diabetes. Spinach almond pesto is a fulfilling dip that is rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins.

Almonds on the other hand are an effective source of reducing your cholesterol levels. Spinach almond pesto is a definite food for you if you are planning on losing weight. It promotes weight loss and diminishes hunger.

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How to Make Spinach Almond Pesto

  1. In a large strainer, place the baby spinach under the running water and wash thoroughly.
  2. Allow the water to drain from the spinach.
  3. In a food processor, pulse spinach, olive oil, almonds, garlic, salt, and pepper until they form a smooth mixture with a chunky texture.
  4. Pour the sauce into a serving bowl, and serve with crackers or gluten-free toast.


  • The traditional pesto is made with basil and pine nuts.
  • The word pesto is derived from the Genoese language.
  • The first mention of pesto was by Giovanni and Gio Battista Ratto, a mother, and son from Genoa, in 1863.
  • Pesto, the word, actually refers to the method of pounding or crushing that is traditionally used in making the pesto dip.

The original recipe for pesto entails usage of Parmesan or Gouda cheese, but this variation, Spinach Almond Pesto, is sans any cheese, and good for a healthy diet.


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