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Sindh’s Stuffed Karela

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Adjust Servings:
4 bitter gourds
For the stuffing
2 large onions – grated
1 tomato – finely chopped
1 tbsp homemade ginger garlic paste
1 green chilli – finely chopped
1 tsp amchur powder
1 tsp coriander seed powder
1 tsp cumin seed powder
1/4 tsp haldi powder
1/4 tsp garam masala powder
salt to taste
A spool of white cotton thread
1 small bowl of whipped yogurt

Nutritional information

144.25 g
65.72 g
19.7 g
216 mg
132 mg

Sindh’s Stuffed Karela

  • Veg
  • 1 hr 40 mins
  • Serves 4
  • Easy


  • For the stuffing

How to make Sindh’s Stuffed Karela

  1. Scrape the peels off the karela.
    • Salt them then set aside to rest.
      • Note: This reduces the bitterness of the karela.
  2. Let the karela sit for 15 minutes
  3. Slit the karela vertically, partially, leaving the ends intact.
  4. De-seed the karela.
  5. Give them a firm squeeze with your hands to remove some of the juices.
  6. Fry the karela (both deep or shallow frying work) until they turn soft and pliable.
  7. Set aside.

Prepare the stuffing

  1. Squeeze the juice from the grated onions and save the juice.
  2. Pour 2 tbsps of oil into a hot pan that is being heated over a flame.
  3. Sauté the onions for a minute.
  4. Add the chopped tomato, and the remaining ingredients set aside for the stuffing.
  5. Cook the mixture for 2-3 minutes.
  6. Remove from the stove then let it cool.

Fill the karelas with the stuffing

  1. Secure each karela around its middle.
    1. Loop white thread around it 5-6 times before tying the string into a knot.
  2. Place the karelas into a flat-bottomed sauté pan in a single layer.
    1. Pour the yogurt and onion juice around the karelas.
    2. Add a bit of salt and cook the karelas at a medium temperature until they turn tender and are cooked through.
  3. Serve with a light and runny khichdi, and some dudhi raita.



Bitter gourd looks highly similar to the cucumber, except it is covered in wart like bumps.

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