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Simple pesto pasta

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Simple pesto pasta

  • Veg
  • 15 mins
  • Serves 4
  • Easy



Don’t let the fact that it is easy to make fool you into believing that the simple pesto pasta isn’t tasty. It is full of flavor, whether you’re eating it in hot or cold conditions. It is also quick to prepare, so if you have a group of hungry people waiting to be fed, they won’t have to wait longer if you decide to serve the pesto pasta. The ingredients are easy to find and simple to prepare.

Health benefits

Pasta is packed with a variety of goods such as complex carbohydrates, which can slowly release energy inside the body, powering cells to perform their everyday functions. Unlike simple sugars which offer sporadic short-lived bursts of energy before fading away, pastas helps to sustain that energy for the long haul.

The simple pesto pasta can be established as part of a well rounded diet, and can account for all your daily caloric needs.

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How to Make Simple pesto pasta

  1. In a large sauté pan, heat 2 tbsp of olive oil over medium heat.
  2. Add the pesto into the oil and mix it. Stir it occasionally as the pesto warms.
  3. When the pesto just begins to bubble, slowly pour ¼ of cream, whisking gently.
  4. Turn the heat down and continue to stir until the cream blends in with the pesto. Add the salt and pepper as per your taste.
  5. Add drained pasta to the sauce, tossing it, covering every nook and cranny of the pesto.
  6. Add in some grilled chicken or shrimp to spice things up a bit. There is room to be creative with the simple pesto pasta.


  • The word pesto comes from the Italian web pestare, which means to ‘crush’ and ‘pound’.
  • Basil can be poisonous to eat before the 10th day of its growth.
  • Pesto is mostly used on past dishes in Italy.

Pine nuts are a key ingredient in some recipes to provide a creamy, thick texture. But they are the primary food for deer and wild board, the two main species which tigers eat the most. Because we’ve been consuming pine nuts faster than their regeneration, we’re taking food from the deer and ultimately, from the tigers. So do think of the environment next time you’re dining on pesto.


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