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Sea Bream with Three Seed Crunch

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Sea Bream with Three Seed Crunch

  • Non Veg
    • 55 mins
    • Serves 2
    • Easy



    This beautiful dish is easy to prepare and is bound to tickle all your taste buds in just one strong bite. If the intense aroma is just about enough to rile up your hunger levels. A common myth associated with salads is that their ingredients are difficult to fetch, but most of them can be found in the pantry and others can be procured from your nearest grocery store. The Warm Potato Salad and Wilted Spinach doesn’t require over-the-top prepping, planning or cooking skills, yet it is considered to be a crowd pleaser.

    Health benefits

    • Did you know that potato contains no fat or cholesterol? The number of calories is only 110 in one medium sized potato.
    • There is more potassium in potato than an equivalently sized banana.
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    How to Make Sea Bream with Three Seed Crunch

    • Heat thee tbsp of olive oil in a pan.
    • Stir in fennel, coriander rand cumin seeds. Fry for about 1 minute. Empty the contents onto a plate, reserve the oil.
    • Drench parsley leaves with boiling water. Drain and run under cold water.
    • Stir bhuna masala, 1 tbsp oil and heat at high settings. Add potatoes and heat well.
    • Empty into a large bowl and allow it to cool.
    • Blend with blanched leaves in a small mixer, add fresh coriander and 2 tbsp olive oil.
    • Stir in lemon juice and add salt to taste.
    • Fold the dressing into the warm potatoes and set aside.
    • For the fish, stir light olive oil to a frying pan. Season the fish with salt, pepper and then place it on the pan. Heat until the skin is crisp, turn over and remove the heat.
    • In a separate pan, stir in ghee and heat it up. Add ginger and garlic paste, and then gradually pour the spinach. Cook for 2 minutes until wilted.
    • Drain through a sieve and remove excess liquid.
    • Mix with crispy seeds and sea salt.
    • Serve with warm potato salad.


    • The word for Potato comes from the Spanish word, ‘patata’.

    As is usual with other agricultural products, China is the leading manufacturer of potatoes.


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