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Russian Dressing

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Russian Dressing

  • Veg
    • 20 mins
    • Serves 1
    • Easy



    Imagine your favorite sandwich without a generous layer of dressing on it. There would be no fun left in your sandwich without this one of the most important components, called dressing. Likewise, there would be no amusement left in Reuben sandwich if you cut off authentic Russian dressing from the list of ingredients used in making Reuben sandwich.

    The rich creamy texture of Russian dressing spices up the essence of the Reuben sandwich. Russian dressing is, basically, a pink colored piquant which is prepared by using mayonnaise and tomato ketchup as the base components. You can have homemade Russian dressing which you can prepare all by yourself. Check out the easiest Russian dressing recipe.

    Health Benefits

    Any form of salad dressing is a void of vitamins and minerals. There are no such health benefits in using any kind of dressing. Russian dressing, too, constitutes a whole lot of saturated fat, sodium, and sugar. It just enhances the taste and spices up the food. The only good in using Russian dressing is its low cholesterol content. Besides, Russian dressing is a good source of vitamin K as well. However, you cannot ignore the high percentage of fat and carbohydrate content. It has been estimated that 1 cup of Russian dressing consists of 870 calories.

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    How to Make Russian Dressing

    • In a mortar and pestle mash 1 tbsp finely chopped onion to make a paste.
    • Mix 1 cup of mayonnaise, ¼ cup of tomato ketchup, 4 tbsp of bottled horseradish, 1tbsp of hot sauce, 1 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce and ¼ tsp of sweet paprika in a medium-sized bowl to make a smooth paste.
    • Add the mashed onions to the bowl and mix it with the other ingredients to make a pink colored smooth paste dressing.
    • Add salt to taste and mix it well along the dressing.
    • Russian dressing is ready for use. You may store the dressing in an airtight container and refrigerate it for 2 weeks.


    Did you know Russian dressing has no association with Russia! This is originally an American salad dressing which was invented in New Hampshire, America. This dressing has been mentioned in various American sources which is dated back to early 1900. No usage of Russian dressing has been found in any traditional or modern Russian cuisine so far.

    The name of this American salad dressing may be inspired by a Russian sauce which has similar pink texture and prepared by using mayonnaise, caviar and mashed coral obtained from the lobster. The coral gives the sauce a pinkish tone. However, this idea is just a speculation. As per New England Historical Society, Russian dressing was invented in Nashua by James E. Colburn, around 1910.


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