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Punjabi Machchi

  • Non Veg
  • 35 mins
  • Serves 2
  • Easy


  • For Marinade :

  • For Garnishing :


While some fish recipes tend to be on the extravagant side of things, this recipe is simple to make, but promises an exuberant blend of taste. Made through the Punjabi avatar, this recipe of fish is unique in its own regard, and contains a pleasant blend of luscious spices and other ingredients. The recipe includes amazingly delicious fish fillets coated in red chili, garlic and mint paste, with a side dash of amazing lemon juice, garam masala and chilies. The high quality of the ingredients and how well they merge together, couples with the fact that it is well cooked, make this Punjabi machchi one recipe to master.

Health Benefits

Punjabi Machchi is beneficial for your health in many regards. The fish is not only good for negating the impact of aging on your skin, but also for keeping your mental health intact for longer.

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How to Make Punjabi Machchi

  • Start by preparing the marinated mixture and tossing in all ingredients.
  • Once the marinated mixture is ready, you can put inside a refrigerator for an hour max.
  • Put oil inside a pan and keep it covered for about a minute at high heat.
  • Once the minute has passed, add the fish to the pan.
  • Cook the fish uncovered for a period of 15 minutes. Remember to turn once during this period.
  • Once the fish is proper crisp brown, garnish it with garam masala, amchur, lemon wedges and onions.
  • Serve the dish hot for best impact.


  • Fishes don’t chew on anything, which is why scientists believe that they would suffocate and die if they chew, because that would impact the water passing through their gills.

The fastest fish in the world is known as the sailfish.


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