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Provel Cheese

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Provel Cheese

  • Veg
    • 50 mins
    • Serves 3
    • Easy



    Provel Cheese is often confused with Provolone, because of how similar most people consider the two to be. Provel cheese is not only a great ingredient to have by itself, but the cheese goes along well with almost every sort of salad. The cheese adds a lot of flavors to traditional salads, and by making it at home; you can be assured of a healthy ingredient to go to when you need to add flavors to a rather dry salad consisting of few Greek olives, croutons and cherry tomatoes. Add gooey tubes of the much-loved provel cheese to the concoction of the ingredients mentioned above, and you will get a garlicky creamy Italian taste that will light up your taste buds.

    Health Benefits

    Since provel cheese is basically a mixture of all popular forms of cheese, it carries all the health benefits that these forms provide. Provel also complements salads to create a healthy meal for people of all ages.

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    How to Make Provel Cheese

    1. Get a large bowl and rinse it properly for mixing all ingredients.
    2. Once the bowl is ready, toss all the ingredients that we mentioned above inside the bowl one after the other.
    3. Once all the ingredients have been tossed inside the bowl, add liquid smoke and mix the ingredients
    4. Once the ingredient has been mixed well, refrigerate it and keep it there.
    5. Apply the mixture on salads and get a redefined taste of its own.


  • Cheese is considered to be the most stolen food item across the world. It is believed that 4 percent of all cheese items that are put up for sale end up being stolen. Not only humans, but animals are also considered to be fond of cheese, which adds to the reasons behind why cheese is the most stolen food item.
  • The holes that we so commonly associate with Swiss cheese, were until very recently considered as signs of imperfection within the cheese. This is something that cheese makers looked to avoid and didn’t want to see. Now, these holes are perceived to be a part of the perfect blend of Swiss cheese, and have become associated with the cheese.
  • People in the 17th century started dying cheese orange, so that others could think it was of a higher quality and more expensive.


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