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Pimento Cheese

  • Veg
    • 20 mins
    • Serves 10
    • Easy



    Pimento cheese is a delightful form of cheese, consumed by most people living in the South of United States. Pimento cheese is a spread made through cheese, pimentos and mayonnaise. This spread basically goes well with crackers, bread, vegetables and sandwiches. The form of cheese is best served in sandwiches, which is what makes these sandwiches a signature item in all professional Master Tournaments in Golf.

    Pimento cheese sandwiches are considered as an inexpensive lunch items all across the globe. This cheese spread can be served with corn chips, tortilla chips, mashed yolks, grits, hamburgers and hotdogs. All these food items taste even better with the addition of pimento, which makes this form of cheese a must in all the food items mentioned above.

    Health Benefits

    You can reduce the fat content present inside pimento cheese by cutting the calories through the addition of low-fat mayonnaise instead of normal mayonnaise, and low-fat cheddar cheese instead of the full-fat cheddar. Not that the ingredients are healthy currently, but these additions will make it even better for your health.

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    How to Make Pimento Cheese

    • Start the procedure by placing the cheddar cheese inside the large bowl of a mixer.
    • Add cream cheese to the bowl.
    • Add mayonnaise to the bowl.
    • Add garlic powder to the bowl.
    • Add cayenne pepper to the bowl.
    • Add onion powder to the bowl.
    • Add minced jalapeno to the bowl.
    • Add pimento inside the large bowl.
    • Beat the mixture at medium speed, with a paddle if possible.
    • Keep beating until the mixture thoroughly combines.
    • Season with black pepper and salt to add some taste.


    • Cheese has existed for a long time, and some sources report that it existed back before written language did.
    • Mac and cheese is the most popular cheese recipe within America

    Having cheese around 30 minutes before going to bed can make you sleep better, and without hindrances.

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