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Pickle Prawn Chilly

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Pickle Prawn Chilly

  • Non Veg
  • 1 hr 10 mins
  • Serves 12
  • Easy



When you talk of Indian cuisine, the tanginess of their traditional curries is what makes the cuisine stand above many others. And, one dish that presents this tanginess and sour taste in full flavor is the pickle prawn chilly. This wholesome treat is a mixture of different flavors and spices from India, served with delicious prawns. The tanginess of the pickles and the wholesome taste of the spices add to the flavor present within prawns to give a taste that is unique to this dish. Make these achari prawns for brilliant taste and a unique spark at the dinner table.

Health Benefits

Prawns are considered to be good for your heart. People suffering from cardiac diseases can benefit from the omega 3 fatty acids present within prawns. Not just this, but prawns also help build your bones, because of the calcium present inside them. Prawns are also considered to be good in vitamin B12, which makes the achari prawns a delight that will eventually give you numerous health benefits.

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How to Make Pickle Prawn Chilly

  • Stir the prawns properly and add some achari chili pickle masala to them.
  • Prepare a pan and add butter inside it.
  • Sauté onions, curry leaves and garlic inside the pan.
  • Add the achari masala and the prawns to the pan.
  • Sprinkle the desired amount of black pepper powder over the mixture.
  • Plate the prawns with the masala on them.
  • Garnish the final mixture with some lemon and coriander leaves for both seasoning and added taste.
  • Serve hot with some chapattis for best taste.


  • The beautiful Cleopatra (wonderfully highlighted in the world of literature) mentioned that it was pickles that made her as beautiful as she was.
  • The Great Napoleon was also a big fan of pickles and he is remembered to have put prize money for whoever could come up with an idea to preserve pickles for his soldiers. So, Indians are not the only ones in love with the tanginess of the flavor.
Peri Peri and Panko Crumbed Prawns
Peri Peri and Panko Crumbed Prawns

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