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P3B Sandwich

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P3B Sandwich

  • Veg
    • 20 mins
    • Serves 4
    • Easy


    How to Make P3B Sandwich

    1. To get started one has to preheat the oven to a sweltering hot 400ºF to create the perfect ambiance for your Presley Bacon.
    2. Now lay out the bacon on a lined baking sheet and securely place in the oven to bake until it crisps.
    3. Remove the bacon and place upon a paper towel-lined tray to cool off once you set it aside.
    4. Preheat the panini press to ensure the machine is ready to handle a quick locking and loading.
    5. Take the slices of bread and lightly spread a large helping of peanut butter on a tablespoon, spreading and evening out each slice.
    6. Add 2 sliced bananas to each slice of bread.
    7. Arrange 3 slices of bacon on top of 4 of the slices of bread and set them into the peanut butter.
    8. Close the sandwich by placing the 4 remaining slices with banana on top of the bacon slices.
    9. Generously spread butter on both sides of the sandwich.
    10. Add sandwiches to the preheated panini press and lock it till you hear it stop sizzling.
    11. Cook until brown and crisp. Slice diagonally and serve.


    • The Elvis Presley, originates from the United States.
    • This sandwich is the classic invention of the King of Rock and Roll himself and has been winning hearts since.
    • Elvis Presley was known to enjoy this sandwich the most.
    • Elvis was known to appreciate this sandwich on multiple occasions as a matter of fact although he loved it so intensely over time he neglected to take off the weight he put on because of this sandwich.
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