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Nahm Jim Steamed Fish

  • Non Veg
  • 50 mins
  • Serves 4
  • Easy


  • For Marination :

  • For Nahm Jim Sauce :

  • For chili oil dressing :


Nahm Jim steamed fish is a fusion of Indian cuisine with Southeast Asian cuisine. This fusion is a blend of different flavors, sweet and sour, and gives a unique taste of its own. The nahm jim sauce coupled with the steamed fish creates a unique combination that complements each other to make an amazing dish. For those who aren’t aware of it, nahm jim sauce is from the Thai cuisine and means dipping sauce in the local language. This dipping sauce goes well with the traditional steamed fish recipe to create a blend that can be written in gourmet cook books.

Health Benefits

Steamed fish can be beneficial because of the high protein count present. The flavors of the Nahm Jim sauce are also good for health.

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How to Make Nahm Jim Steamed Fish

For Nahm Jim Sauce

  • Prepare a bowl and add fish sauce, sugar and lemon juice to it. Mix well.
  • Now add the coriander leaves, garlic and chilies to the mixture.
  • Add water and the kaffir leaves. Mix well and put aside.

For the fish

  • Marinate the fish fillet with chopped galangal, fish sauce, kaffir lime and chopped lemon grass. Keep aside for 15 minutes.
  • Put fish in a steamer for cooking.
  • Heat the Nahm Jim sauce with some water, until it comes to a boil.
  • Pour the sauce over the fish, and garnish with kaffir lime, coriander and basil leaves.
  • Heat oil along with red chilies for the chili oil dressing and pour gently over the fish.
  • Serve hot.


While we have seen all fishes swim forward, some fishes tend to swim backwards. These fishes have special talents for this purpose.

Naitik Tiwari

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