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Kiwi Strawberry Juice

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Kiwi Strawberry Juice

  • Sweet
  • 10 mins
  • Serves 8
  • Easy



Juices are a great source of consuming all the necessary nutrients packed in one glass that you require for the day. Instead of combining all artificial flavors and syrups, you can instead look for fresh and organic produce and make world-class smoothies, all at your home!

Strawberries and kiwi fruit are famous for having plenty of vitamin C and combining both of these together in a juice would provide you all the vitamin C you need to keep your levels up. Kiwi fruit also contains antioxidant properties. Further; strawberries are known to help promote heart health and Kiwi fruit – eye health.

So, let’s see this refreshing recipe we have in store for you.

Health Benefits

Consuming a glass of kiwi-strawberry juice protects the body from cancer and is rich in antioxidants which fight the growth of cancerous cells. It is also considered as a skin cleansing juice and cleanses the digestive system because of the presence of fiber, therefore, further strengthening the system. Consuming these two fruits also keeps a check on bad cholesterol level and thus prevents heart diseases.

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How to Make Kiwi Strawberry Juice

Wash the produce before peeling and slicing

  1. In a blender, place the sliced kiwis and blend until pureed.
  2. Add strawberries with water, sugar, and lemon juice and blend until it is smooth.
  3. Now, add ice according to your liking and blend until it crushed completely
  4. Garnish the glass with a slice of kiwi fruit or strawberry and pour the juice it
  5. Serve this immediately when cold

Tip: If you prefer a smooth and seedless version then strain it through a sieve and get rid of all the solids.


Kiwi fruit has its origins in China but was cultivated for the first time outside of China, in New Zealand. The people of that country named it Kiwi because of its resemblance to the Kiwi.

The skin of Kiwi fruit is actually edible and nutritious, and the fruit can be used as a meat tenderizer because of certain enzymes present in it.

Strawberries are the first fruit of the spring in every country and are the only fruit that has seeds on its outside

Every year Strawberry Week is celebrated from May 21 to May 27 in Delaware

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