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Grilled Chicken Sandwich

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Grilled Chicken Sandwich

  • Non Veg
    • 40 mins
    • Serves 4
    • Easy



    A chicken sandwich is not something which needs an introduction. There are thousands of delicious and easy chicken sandwich recipes in the world, but the grilled chicken sandwich is a standout amongst all.

    The grilled chicken sandwich itself is prepared in numerous styles using a variety of ingredients.

    Try the lighter version of grilled chicken sandwiches using this recipe. Here the meat is coated in a mix of spices to give it the same flavor as the original and is grilled instead of being fried to make the dish healthy.

    Health Benefits

    A grilled chicken sandwich is a decent source of protein, starch, vitamins, and minerals. It is likewise healthier than a regular chicken sandwich since grilling utilizes less oil than the deep frying technique. This means that grilled chicken sandwiches are low on calories.

    You can make an even healthier grilled chicken sandwich by using as many nutrient-dense ingredients as possible and being watchful about the using high-calorie garnishes and toppings.  Fixings added in the sandwich can be high in calories, fat, sodium and sugar. Make sure you utilize them sparingly and/or serve them separately so that the amount of those ingredients being consumed remains in control.

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    How to Make Grilled Chicken Sandwich

    1. Warm up the grill to medium heat 350° to 450° F. Take a medium-sized bowl and add chicken. Coat the chicken with oil, salt, and spices.
    2. Flipping once, allow the chicken to grill, for about 6 minutes or until the chicken is no longer pink in center.
    3. Grill the roll halves for about 1 minute or to the point they are toasted and grill marks appear.
    4. Blend together mayonnaise and blue cheese, and dispense 1 full tablespoon on the cut sides of each roll.
    5. Pull together the sandwiches with chicken, lettuce, and tomato.
    6. Devour!


    • John Montagu was a British statesman who succeeded his granddad Edward Montagu, in 1729 at 10 years old. John's credited with imagining a lunch comprising of slapping a flawless filling between two cuts of bread. Legend has it that amid an overnight gambling occasion, Montagu requested his workers/servants to put the meat from his dinner between two cuts of bread, so he could hold it in one hand and keep playing without getting his cards all oily.
    • The Americans eat more than three million sandwiches every day
    • The longest chicken sandwich at ever made was an astonishing 735 meters.
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