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Club sandwich

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Nutritional information

6 g
10 mg
25 g

Club sandwich

  • Veg
    • 15 mins
    • Serves 4
    • Easy



    A club sandwich is the ultimate favorite of anyone who wants to have a hearty meal without making much of a mess. Served with French fries and two layers of different types of sandwiches, the club sandwich makes for an exquisite meal for food lovers.

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    How to Make Club sandwich

    • Toast the slices of white bread in a toaster or under a broiler. Make sure to cook both sides till they turn golden brown. Cut the lettuce leaves into a crosswise design and form them into 8 neat stacks.
    • On a clean work surface or a cutting board arrange three bread slices in a row, this is all for one sandwich. Spread one tablespoon of mayonnaise over 1 side of each bread slice. Place the stack of lettuce on top of the first bread and then add the two tomato slice. Season them with salt and pepper. Place the 2 slices of bacon over the tomatoes and also the 1/8 of the turkey (do not let any of the turkeys from hanging off the sides). Also, season the turkey with salt and pepper according to taste. Do the same thing with the second layer of bread.
    • Once the second layer of the sandwich is done, carefully pick up the slice and put it on the first slice of bread with the turkey side up. Then cover this layer with the third layer of bread which has been slathered with mayonnaise, with the moist side down.
    • Pin the sandwich’s layers together with frill picks or the plastic cocktail swords. Insert the tip of the plastic frill on the top layer and push it all the way down to the bottom layer.
    • You can cut the sandwiches diagonally. You can also serve the sandwiches with potato chips and pickles.


    In actuality, it is uncertain when the first club sandwich was first invented. Majority of the theories lean towards the 1894 creation of the sandwich in the Saratoga ClubHouse. This is also where the sandwich’s complementary partner, the French fries, had also been invented in 1853.

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