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Classic Banana Split

  • Sweet
    • 15 mins
    • Serves 2
    • Easy



    A hot summer’s eve is incomplete without sharing a divinely sweet banana split with a friend or loved one. A combination of creamy cold textures and the delicious flavour of bananas, this banana split is an all American favourite. People from all over the world, regardless of their age, love this cold treat on any day of the year.

    This ultimate comfort food / dessert is prepared by sandwiching different flavours of ice cream between two halves of a banana. They are then topped with various syrups, creams, nuts, sprinkles and, cherries, making the perfect decadent treat for a hot day.

    If you love the taste of bananas and have a sweet tooth for cold treats, then try this easy and quick recipe that you will make again and again.

    Health Benefits

    Bananas are loaded with various minerals and vitamins like potassium, magnesium, manganese, calcium, folate, iron, riboflavin, Vitamin B6 and niacin among other essential nutrients. Although there are many benefits of consuming bananas, you should not consume this dessert in large quantities as it has high sugar and fat content.

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    How to Make Classic Banana Split

    1. Peel the banana and with a sharp knife, cut it in half, lengthwise.
    2. Place the banana slices against the sides of a long, narrow, and shallow dish, opposite from each other.
    3. Add one scoop of each vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream in a row between the two banana slices.
    4. Squirt a liberal amount of chocolate syrup (or as much as you prefer) on top of the vanilla and strawberry ice cream.
    5. Squirt strawberry syrup according to your preference on the chocolate ice cream.
    6. Add a tablespoon of marshmallow crème over the chocolate ice cream.
    7. Cover all three scoops and bananas with whipped cream and sprinkled crushed walnuts on top.
    8. Top each ice cream scoop with a maraschino cherry and add rainbow sprinkles on top for garnish.
    9. Serve immediately.


    • The origin of the banana split is traced back to the year 1904, in the city of Latrobe, Pennsylvania, USA. A 23-year-old pharmacist’s apprentice named David Evans Strickler is believed to have invented the triple ice cream sundae with banana.

    Back in the early days, a banana split was a highly priced dessert and was sold for 10 cents, which was twice the price of other ice cream sundaes.

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