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Chocolate Sandwich Recipe

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Adjust Servings:
4 slices of sandwich bread or brown bread
2 tbsp ghee or butter
1 pinch cinnamon powder
dark chocolate syrup

Nutritional information

39.55 g
7.32 g
25.7 g
575 mg
61 mg

Chocolate Sandwich Recipe

  • Veg
  • 20 mins
  • Serves 4
  • Easy



Children or adults who refuse to grow up remain fussy eaters throughout their lives. For them, having food is a tedious job. Whether you’re a student, employee, or a homemaker, you must start your day with a healthy and wholesome breakfast. And again, many people prefer having a sandwich for breakfast or use it as a quick fix for snacks. If you don’t have time to chop veggies for sandwich or want a change from having peanut butter or jam, replace it chocolate and try the chocolate sandwich recipe. It is better than regular fruit jam for a change. A word of caution, try to limit any sugary items to once or twice a week.

Health Benefits

Dark chocolate has high cocoa content and is quite nutritious. It is a powerful source of antioxidants and can improve blood flow and therefore reduces blood pressure. It reduces the risk of heart diseases. It protects skin from the sun. It helps in improving brain function. It stimulates your brain and keeps you active and stress-free.

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How to make Chocolate Sandwich Recipe

  • Trim the edges of the bread.
  • Butter them on one side.
  • Heat the bread on a pan on the inner side.
  • Once hot, flip them to the buttered side on low flame.
  • Remove the sandwich from the pan and spread chocolate syrup and cinnamon powder and then cover it with the other slice with the buttered side on top.
  • Toast on both sides till it turns golden.


Sandwiches are a common type of meal, taken to work, school, or picnics to be eaten as part of a packed lunch.

The sandwich is perhaps named after, John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich. The Wall Street Journal mentioned sandwiches as Britain's "biggest contribution to gastronomy"

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