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Chikoo Milkshake

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Chikoo Milkshake

  • 10 Min
  • Medium



Chikoo milkshake is a typical tropical drink, ideal for relentlessly scorching summers. While binging on ice cream only adds more pounds, milkshakes are less much less fatty and sugary, and evidently healthier substitutes to cool-off.

Sapodilla, commonly known as chikoo in Hindi, is extensively cultivated in South and Southeast Asia.

Health Benefits:

Chikoo comprises about 24% percent vitamin C, 20% dietary fiber, 5% potassium, and considerable amounts of folates and magnesium. Now, that’s some good news for chikoo lovers!

Like most fruits, the skin of the Chikoo fruits is rich in vital nutrients and has a delicate skin. Therefore, there’s no need to peel off the skin while consuming the fruit. However, to blend your milkshake, you may or may not peel the skin.

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How to make Chikoo Milkshake

  1. Blend chikoo, milk, ice cubes, and sugar to smooth.
  2. Transfer the chikoo milkshake into a glass
  3. Garnish with mint leaves and enjoy!

You may also add chocolate powder into the blender for color and flavor. Chikoo milkshake goes well with ice cream, cookies, and wafers.


  • Chicle, a gum that is produced by the bark of sapodilla trees, was used by Mayan tribes to fill cavities in teeth! Chicle was also consumed as chewing gum by the Aztecs and Maya.
  • Sapodilla is an amazing laxative and studies indicate that it can also prevent colon cancer.
  • Sapodilla is ideal to introduce infants to fruits at around 6 to 8 months.


Bhavani is chiefly a food blogger and a performer and trainer of classical South Indian music. When she's not writing or singing, she interests herself with vegetarian cooking, DIY crafts, and spending time with friends and family.

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