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Chantelle’s Pommes Vapeur

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Chantelle’s Pommes Vapeur

  • Veg
  • 25 mins
  • Serves 6
  • Easy



Chanelle’s Pommes Vapeur translates to Chantelle’s steamed potatoes. If you’re a potato-lover, you’re sure to love this recipe.

Are you in the mood of devouring something healthy, tasty, and super-easy? If yes, then  Chantelle’s pommes vapeur is the best option.

Health Benefits

  • Steamed potatoes are of course rich in nutrients that the human body needs like potassium, phosphorus, B-complex vitamins and vitamin C being few of those. They are low in calories and fat, and their high fiber content helps you feel full soon.
  • Contrary to the popular myth, potatoes are not innately fattening. If butter or sour cream is added to potatoes then the calories and fat grams increase drastically. When trying to lose weight, season them with herbs or low-calorie condiments instead.

About 300 grams of unpeeled potato has 0.3 grams of fat, 261 calories, and 6 grams of protein. If peeled before boiling, about a half gram of protein is lost but the calorie and fat content remain the same. Whether or not the potato is peeled, it has 5 grams of fiber and 3 grams of natural sugar.

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How to Make Chantelle’s Pommes Vapeur

  1. Take a potato steamer made of copper and fill in water to just reach below the ridge. Put the perforated insert plate inside the pan so it lies over water.

  2. Over medium heat, bring the water to a boil. Arrange the potatoes to cover the insert plate, cover up, and set to steam until the potatoes are soft when a knife or skewer is inserted. This is will take 20 to 25 minutes.

  3. With forceps, relocate the potatoes to a heated serving bowl.

  4. Include butter and herbs; fling lightly to mix. Flavor with salt and dish up immediately.


  • The potato is from the Solanum tuberosum family
  • It is the world's fourth largest edible crop, subsequent to rice, wheat, and maize respectively
  • The Inca Indians in Peru were the first to develop potatoes amid 8,000 BC to 5,000 B.C
  • Potatoes took the crown of the first ever vegetable to be grown in space in October 1995


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