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Bharwa Baingan

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Adjust Servings:
Dry spices
9-10 small eggplants
2 tbsp chana dal/bengal gram lentils
2 tbsp peanuts
1 tbsp fennel seeds powder
1 tbsp cumin seeds powder
1/4 tbsp amchur powder
1 ½ tbsp coriander powder
1/2 tbsp garam masala powder
1 tsp degi mirch/red chili powder
1 tsp turmeric/haldi
salt to taste
tbsp mustard oil
tbsp oil
Gravy Ingredients
2 medium sized tomatoes – chopped
1 pinch of asafetida
tsp cumin seeds

Nutritional information

340.34 g
65.91 g
94.49 g
410 mg
0 mg

Bharwa Baingan

  • Veg
  • 35 mins
  • Serves 4
  • Easy


  • Dry spices

  • Gravy Ingredients


Bharwa baingan is a great way to give your taste buds a workout and expand your understanding of what food can be. It is essentially a stew made using small brinjals – which are eggplants. The dish is prepared in the Punjabi style, making it intensely flavorful and savory. It is the perfect thing to eat for vegetarians and vegans or people who have a meat restricted diet because eggplants are a great source of protein.

Bharwa baingan taste great when they are served hot. Pack them in an insulated Lunch kit or kids lunch box so it will remain fresh and warm for a few hours.

Health Benefits

Bharwa baingan is a great way to explore the amazing and tasty world of brinjal or eggplant dishes. Brinjals are some of the best non-meat sources of protein available. Besides their protein content, eggplants are also prized for their antioxidant content. The pigment that gives eggplants their color contains anthocyanins. They protect the cells against free radicals which can damage cells and cause cancer. The antioxidants in eggplants also reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

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How to make Bharwa Baingan

  • Dry roast chana dal and peanuts at a medium low temperature.
    • Continue until the dal and peanuts turn slightly brown in color, about 2-4 minutes.
    • cook until you could smell the aroma.
      • Note: Be careful not to burn them or they’ll taste bitter.
    • Maintain the heat at the lowest setting.
    • Allow the chana dal to cool completely.
  • Transfer the chana to a grinder.
    • Grind into powder.
  • Combine rest of the dry spices in a bowl along with the powdered chana mix.
    • Add oil and mix well.
    • Adjust seasonings to taste.
  • Wash and clean the eggplants.
  • Carefully make a cross (x) cut in all the eggplants.
    • Note: Make sure not to cut through.
  • Stuff the eggplants with the dry mix.
  • Heat oil in a pan.
    • Add cumin seeds and hing and cook until they begin to crackle.
    • Add stuffed eggplants.
    • Cover the pan and let it cook.
    • Regularly check on the eggplants while flipping them in between.
    • Note: About 8 minutes into cooking, eggplants will become soft.
  • Add the tomatoes and dry peanut-dal masala.
  • Add the green chilies and water.
  • Mix thoroughly, cover, and cook until the eggplant is cooked through completely.
    • Toss and turn eggplants carefully every 3-4 minutes.
  • Check if the eggplant is cooked using a paring knife.
    • Note: If the knife slides smoothly through the eggplant, it’s done.
  • Adjust seasonings and add chopped cilantro leaves.
  • Serve hot and enjoy!


Eggplants are not vegetables; they are berries.

Jowar Bhakri
Jowar Bhakri
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Chana Pulao
Jowar Bhakri
Jowar Bhakri
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Chana Pulao

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