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Batter Fried Fish with Cheese Sauce

  • Non Veg
    • 45 mins
    • Serves 4
    • Easy


    • For the Batter :

    • For the Sauce :


    This batter fried fish with cheese sauce is an amazing dish that brings forth a wonderful fusion of the tastes of the east and the west. The amalgamation of Indian spices with the cheese sauce is amazing and creates a taste par excellence. The coating of batter and fried crisp gives an amazing crispiness to the fish, something that crisp lovers will enjoy.

    Health Benefits

    This Batter Fried Fish with Cheese Sauce Recipe is high on proteins and will be good for those looking to build muscle mass.

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    How to Make Batter Fried Fish with Cheese Sauce

    1. Marinate the fish with salt and lemon juice, and wash it off after a period of 5 minutes.
    2. Take out the ingredients for the batter, and mix together the salt, oil and the flour. Now, gradually add water to the mix, until the perfect blend has been achieved and keep the batter aside.
    3. Heat oil inside a pan and add some flour to it.
    4. Sauté the mixture until the flour gives an aroma.
    5. Take the pan off the stove and add milk to it. Remember to stir vigorously in a bid to avoid lumps of milk.
    6. Put the pan back and add the cheese. Take the pan off now.
    7. Dust the fish lightly with flour, scrape of all additional flour.
    8. Heat the oil for frying the fish. When the oil is ready, put the fish inside the pan after dipping it into the batter.
    9. Keep putting fish one after the other, inside the pan, and remove after they have become crispy brown.
    10. Arrange inside a tray, and serve after pouring hot cheese sauce over it.


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    Batter Fish
    Batter Fish
    Bhatata Ani Jhinga Rassa
    Batter Fish
    Batter Fish
    Bhatata Ani Jhinga Rassa

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