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Batter Fish

  • Non Veg
    • 20 mins
    • Serves 6
    • Easy


    • For the Batter :


    Batter fish is a dish that is local to the area of Edinburgh in Scotland. The dish has traveled across the globe now, and has been made a part of many cuisines, with the addition of their own unique taste and blend. We will be looking at batter fish at its most unique form over here, and will be talking about how the dish is served by the locals who have been credited with making it. This recipe is best enjoyed hot, as it brings forth an amazing coating of ideal batter on the fish.

    Health Benefits

    Batter fish is a delicious recipe that you can enjoy without the guilt. The dish contains a high amount of proteins that are good for muscle mass.

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    How to Make Batter Fish

    • Take the fish out, and clean it under running water.
    • Pat the fish dry and roll it in parsley and flour. Once the coating has been applied, keep the fish aside.
    • Move on to making the batter now, and get a clean bowl.
    • Whisk together baking powder, soda water, egg, seasoning and the flour in the bowl and create a smooth consistency.
    • Get a deep pan out and heat the oil inside it.
    • Now that the oil has come to a boil inside the pan, gently put each piece of fish inside the batter and coat them well. Once the coating has been done, put the fish inside the pan.
    • Fry the fish on medium heat until they become golden brown on both side. Take the fish out once it becomes golden brown and crispy, and put on a tray.
    • Serve with chips, a wedge of lemon and some vinegar and salt.


    Fish are not able to feel pain on their body, because they lack the brain structure that is necessary for feeling pain. Thus, a fish may have never experienced pain in life.

    Joanna Evans

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