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Apple Crisp

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Apple Crisp

  • Sweet
    • 1 hr 20 mins
    • Serves 12
    • Easy



    This is an ideal recipe for any time of the day. Celebrate apple season with delicious apple crumble with a strong and tantalizing hint of cinnamon. 

    Health benefits

    Oats are amazing for your health. They contain beta-glucan, resistant starch, and unique polyphenols which helps boost the “good” bacteria. Several studies have concluded that oats and oat bran tend to provide benefits such as prevention from bowel disease and constipation.

    They are also the perfect snacking and breakfast food. People who ate just 217.5 calories of breakfast reported being significantly less hungry and had a prolonged feeling of being full than people who didn’t consume oats.

    It will also keep your cholesterol in check. Oats are known to lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) by 2 – 19 percent. This effect has been seen to be very prominent in studies conducted, where people with high cholesterol were given cups of oatmeal every day, by the end, they reported a significant drop in cholesterol levels.

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    How to Make Apple Crisp

    1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
    2. Take a 9x13 inch pan and place the sliced apples in it. In a bowl, mix 1 tablespoon of flour and cinnamon together and sprinkle it over the apples. Pour the water evenly over all of the apples
    3. In another bowl, put the oats and then add a cup of flour, brown sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and melted butter together. Crumble evenly over the apple mixture.
    4. Bake it for about 45 minutes.
    5. Let it cool for 5 minutes before serving it with ice cream.


    Oats are one of the first cereal sources that have been cultivated by man. They have been known to be consumed by people dating as far as 7,000 B.C.

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