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Tortellini Minestrone Soup

  • Veg
  • 1 hr 35 mins
  • Serves 8
  • Easy



Tortellini Minestrone Soup is a step above the traditional minestrone. Using tortellini instead of pasta comes across as a delicious change and many people love the dish when it’s served hot. Delicious Tortellini Minestrone Soup is best served piping hot, since the flavors are best enjoyed in that way.

The dish is packed with veggies and is oh so comforting! It is the best appetizer to have on a cold day. It’s definitely one of the trendiest soup dishes out there, and many people love having it as a meal in itself.

Health Benefits

The soup is made purely out of some of the healthiest vegetables and has a distinct taste to it. The soup is a good source of healthy energy, as the ingredients are high on Vitamin A and C, and Potassium. The ingredients make Tortellini Minestrone Soup one of the healthiest appetizers you can have.

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How to Make Tortellini Minestrone Soup

  1. Heat the required amount of oil in a large pot at medium-high heat.
  2. Add in all the vegetables and gently stir the pot for 20 minutes.
  3. Add in the tortellini and cover again for 25 minutes.
  4. Take the soup out of the pot and pour it into bowls.
  5. Add salt, according to preference.
  6. Serve hot with Parmesan cheese.


The Tortellini Minestrone Soup is a rather new upgrade to the Minestrone soup. If you want to give a stronger flavor to the Parmesan, then add the rind of Parmesan at the beginning of the process along with carrots and onions. If you want to have a mild flavor of Parmesan, then add it at the end like we have done here.


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