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Sorrel drink

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Sorrel drink

  • Sweet
    • 20 mins
    • Serves 5
    • Easy



    A sorrel drink has a strong, acidic taste with a tinge of lemon in it. There is a reason why sorrel drink has a raspberry flavor to it. This is because it’s made from the petals of the sorrel plant, which is very popular in West Africa. It’s rich in Vitamin A, C, and E, and packed with magnesium, calcium and potassium.

    But that isn’t why we’re so concerned with sorrel drink. It’s the taste which will keep you coming back for more, with its oddly delicious combination of spices and sweetness. A fresh spin on drinks made from the sorrel plant, which doesn’t require extensive knowledge of the kitchen or experience of culinary arts.

    Health benefits

    The number of health benefits of sorrel drink is not surprising. This is because sorrel is a herb used by various cultures around the world for a variety of uses, while also offering a great deal of health benefits.
    These include digestion, diarrhea, muscle cramps and gastrointestinal issues.

    Sorrel also has plenty of potassium which helps to regulate blood pressure. It also helps alleviate stress on the cardiovascular system. A few studies have also shown that sorrel can prevent cancer because of the presence of antioxidants which can easily remove free radicals in the body.

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    How to Make Sorrel drink

    • Before using it for cooking purposes, wash and crush the sorrel.
    • In a steel container, place the sorrel, ginger, cloves and orange peel.
    • Pour 10 cups of boiling water and cover. Heat the stainless steel until the water just begins to boil.
    • Leave the container for 24 hours to allow the essential oils to properly blend in together.
    • Now strain with a fine sieve to separate the juice from fine particulate matter.
    • Add sugar, red wine and rum. Heat and stir occasionally for about 2 minutes.
    • Pour the juice into bottles.
    • Place a few grains of rice into each bottle.
    • Set aside the mixture for about one day to properly blend all the ingredients.
    • The juice is best served chilled.


    • Did you know that there are around 200 species of sorrel?

    Sorrel leaves have been used as far back as the Roman Empire, when they were used to provide relief when water would be scarce.

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