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Sealed Crustless Sandwich

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Adjust Servings:
1 peanut butter
strawberry jelly
1 loaf bread
Equipments :
1 sandwich maker
1 sandwich bag
1 sandwich cutter

Sealed Crustless Sandwich

  • Veg
    • 13 hrs
    • Serves 14
    • Hard


    • Equipments :


    A sealed crustless sandwich is a type of delicious sandwich that has a tasty filling of peanut butter and jelly.

    You might not know, but the combination of peanut butter and jelly has become a staple of the American diet and others as well.

    Peanut butter gained popularity during the World War II when the rationing and scarcity of meat forced American citizens and soldiers to seek protein alternatives.

    Moreover, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg came up with many informative theories related to nutrition and health, some of which included how peanuts are beneficial to one’s health.

    Dr. Kellogg was a well-known doctor in his time and his ideas were quite influential in American culture. He was the one who patented the process of inventing peanut butter, especially for those who could hardly chew on solid food. Since then the peanut butter has become worldwide famous.

    With time various recipes have emerged related to peanut butter and one of them is the yummy peanut butter and jelly sandwich – invented by Julia Davis Chandler in 1990. The creation of this food eventually gave rise to the sealed crustless sandwich.

    The sealed crustless sandwich is now popularly eaten across the world due to its sour and tangy flavor. Here’s its easy-to-follow recipe to try at home.

    Health Benefits

    Even though jelly has sugar, the combination of peanut butter and bread provides protein, vitamins, iron and minerals. It is also a rich source of healthy unsaturated fats.

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    How to Make Sealed Crustless Sandwich

    1. Evenly spread peanut butter on two slices of the bread.
    2. Now spread strawberry jelly on the slices of bread. Make sure all the sides and edges are evenly covered with both peanut butter and strawberry jelly.
    3. Put the sandwich together. Use a sandwich cutter to slice out the center of the bread. Gently press the edges.
    4. Using a sandwich maker seal the sandwich.
    5. You can serve it right away or place the sandwich in a sandwich bag and freeze.
    6. Make sure to thaw the sandwich before serving it.


    • Sealed crustless sandwiches are mass-produced by J.M. Smucker Company under the brand name “Uncrustables”.
    • The United States Patent and Trademark Office have issued a number of patents for various versions of sealed crustless sandwiches.

    The sandwich has been loosely categorized as a dumpling. However, the manufacturers of “Uncrustables” describe their product as a sandwich.

    Camelia Smith

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