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Scrumptious Masala Dosa

  • Veg
  • 6 hrs 30 mins
  • Serves 6
  • Easy



Masala dosa is popular South Indian snack that is also often eaten as a whole meal.  A dosa is basically an Indian version of a savory crepe. It is light, fluffy, crispy and absolutely tantalizing to your taste buds when eaten with the right kind of condiment. It is served with a variety of, pickles, chutneys and bhaajis and is a household favorite especially in the state of Karnataka.

You can either break the dosa and dunk it in the chutney or pickle of your choice or fill it up with the bhaaji/masala eat it like a roll. It’s a fun and tasty savory treat that you must try making at home.

Health benefits

Each dosa has 150 calories. It is a healthy snack as it is eaten with pickles and vegetables.

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How to make Scrumptious Masala Dosa

For dosa batter

  1. To make the dosa batter, soak rice and black lentils in separate bowls for 6 hours.
  2. Strain the lentils and blitz them in a food processor or grinder.
  3. Add in 1 cup of water every few seconds until the batter reaches a creamy consistency that looks just like pancake or crepe batter.
  4. Add the salt and adjust taste accordingly.
  5. Cover this batter with a plate or lid and leave it overnight. The batter needs to ferment therefore you must not refrigerate it. 

Prepare the aloo bhaaji for dosa

  1. In a medium sized skillet, add the ghee or butter and heat it up for a a few seconds.
  2. Add the chana dal and mustard seeds.
  3. When they start to crackle and become golden, add in the curry leaves, onions and green chilies.
  4. Add the turmeric and some additional salt to taste
  5. Stir this mixture until smooth.
  6. Mash the boiled potatoes into chunks and to the skillet.
  7. Add ½ cup water and continue stirring until the water reduces.
  8. Remove from flame. 

Prepare the dosa

  1. In a ghee or butter greased skillet over medium-high heat, ladle the dosa batter and spread into a circular shape.
  2. Add extra ghee if some areas seem dry.
  3. Once the dosa becomes golden, lift it lightly from the edges and flip the other side.
  4. Remove from the skillet after the other side is done.
  5. Repeat the same process until the batter is finished or the desired amount of dosas are made.
  6. Fill the aloo bhaaji in the center of the dosa and serve it with the chutney and pickles. 


Indian cuisine is quite diverse as the country has 28 regions with their own cooking styles and ingredients.

Tandoori Parotta
Tandoori Parotta
Tandoori Parotta
Tandoori Parotta

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