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Prawn Popcorn with pickle cream

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Prawn Popcorn with pickle cream

  • Non Veg
    • 1 hr
    • Serves 4
    • Easy



    There’s nothing like a bit of prawns coated with batter and fried till golden brown. This recipe is best served with pickle cream in order to bring out all the unique flavors of prawn popcorn in ways never seen before. Although the list of ingredients may seem just a little bit formidable to prepare, they can be put together perfectly by even the most novice of chefs. You just need to be an avid foodie to prepare this delicious dish which we guarantee will please the crowds.

    Health benefits

    • When prawns are combined with lemon juice, the combination is more than enough to meet the daily recommended intake of proteins, amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids and more.
    • Perhaps more importantly, prawns are a rich source of selenium, which researchers have found helps to fight free radicals. These dangerous cells are responsible for the proliferation of cancer in the human body.
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    How to Make Prawn Popcorn with pickle cream

    • Chop the prawn mix ingredients (don’t use oil).
    • In a bowl, mix eggs and four to make a thick paste.
    • Pound the prawn crackers to give them the consistency of bread crumbs.
    • Make small discs of chopped prawn and coat lightly with the paste.
    • Roll the discs in ground prawn crackers and fry in oil.
    • Serve them hot and enjoy!
    • To prepare the dip, add 1 tbsp pickle puree to ½ cup cream.


    • Prawns are incessantly hunted after by farmers. They are of particular importance in Western Australia, which catch more than 2000 tones of prawns every year. While this is good for the nutrition levels of local Australians, it spells disaster for the population of turtles. Scientists have estimated that around 29,000 sea turtles are captured and killed by fishing nets meant to lure in prawns.
    • Despite its importance in Western Australia, China is the largest producer of seafood in the world, which is responsible for 41% of shrimp production.

    In 2016, India was the largest exporter for shrimps.


    Prawn Pollichathu
    Prawn Pulao
    Prawn Pulao
    Prawn Pollichathu
    Prawn Pulao
    Prawn Pulao

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