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  • Veg
    • 20 mins
    • Serves 8
    • Easy



    It was a traditional way of using up leftover food from Thanksgiving Day and thus is composed essentially of bread slices or a bap, into which are placed sliced roast turkey, cranberries or cranberry sauce and cheddar cheese. It has made its way into the hearts of millions of Americans and some foreigners who would be familiar with US TV series. It is one of America’s favorite treats ranked by Esquire magazine who conducted a poll for this exact purpose.

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    How to Make Pilgrim

    1. Spread outside of bread lightly with mayonnaise, this is to ensure the bread has proper grip of the ingredients.
    2. Spread inside of bread with thousand island dressing, this is so the bread soaks up the dressing and remains moist.
    3. Equally divide all the turkey as you would to accommodate at least 4 equally cut and sliced sandwiches.
    4. Equally divide the remaining cheese between 4 sandwiches, this is to ensure uniformity and guarantee flawless taste.
    5. Put in frying pan, as you would fry a grilled cheese sandwich over medium heat. Continue to fry the sandwich as you would till the exterior is browned crisped and the cheese inside has melted.
    6. When the toasted sandwich is taken off the frying pan cheese will have reached its molten stage and would be ideal for a cheese pull. This show of skill would finally guarantee that the sandwich is now ready to enjoy!


    • The Pilgrim or Puritan, originates from the United States.
    • This sandwich is among the fan favorites in the USA.
    • It has been made quite the buzz about in the popular TV serial “F.R.I.E.N.D.s” when Ross makes a fuss about someone stealing his “sandwich” after Thanksgiving.
    • The Day after Thanksgiving would be the ideal day to symbolize this sandwich with a tender touch and the holiday warmth packed inside two succulent pieces of bread and packed to perfection with the traditional treats of the holiday past.
    Polish Boy Sandwich
    Polish Boy Sandwich

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