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Nacho Cheese Sauce

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Nacho Cheese Sauce

  • Veg
    • 30 mins
    • Serves 20
    • Easy



    Nacho cheese sauce is a brilliant addition to numerous food items such as tortilla chips and pita bread. The sauce basically finds its heritage in Mexico, where it was crafted as a side to complement tortillas. Tortillas topped with nacho cheese sauce are best enjoyed as an appetizer and will give you a brilliant blend of flavors inside your mouth. The cheese sauce can be applied on numerous delicacies to add to the flavors and to make sure that there is a good amalgamation of sweet and sour in every bite. You can also add some jalapenos to the overall sauce to make things even spicier.

    Health Benefits

    The serving calories behind the nacho cheese sauce are 282 calories, and the sauce predominantly contains 22.5g of fat and 13.5g of Protein. It tastes good alongside Nachos, without any health risks.

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    How to Make Nacho Cheese Sauce

    • Prepare a medium saucepan and melt butter on it and stir with flour.
    • Pour milk inside the concoction of butter and flour, and keep stirring until the mixture completely thickens.
    • While stirring constantly, add cheese and salt to the mixture and make it thick.
    • Keep stirring the mixture, until the cheese has blended and all ingredients have properly melted.
    • The stirring will take you around 15 minutes, and the nacho cheese sauce will be ready after that. 


    Nachos are said to be a rather new addition to the world of food, but they aren’t really that new. Most chefs try adding their own blend to the dish, but it first came out back in 1943. The cheesy chips were first made in Mexico and have since become a hit in America. The sauce was also made with the original chips, so there is also nothing new to it as well.

    Nachos were originally created by a person by the same name in Mexico. The dish got famous in America, and by the time Nacho’s son went to America to claim ownership of the dish through a lawyer, in 1960, he found out it was too late. So, Nachos are pretty much a dish for the public now, as they are in the public domain.


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