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Mascarpone Substitute

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Adjust Servings:
1/4 cup heavy cream
8 oz cream cheese – softened
2 tbsp butter – softened

Mascarpone Substitute

    • 10 mins
    • Serves 10
    • Easy



    Sometimes we need Mascarpone cheese and we don’t have it on hand. Thus we are happy to introduce the recipe for a Mascarpone cheese substitute that will ensure you can always make your favorite tiramisu whenever you want. Not having mascarpone available to you is no excuse to not make your favorite treat. This recipe is beyond easy and simple to make. You really just need the ingredients and a bowl and you’re set to go.

    Health Benefits 

    The primary ingredient in this Mascarpone cheese substitute is cream cheese. When eaten in moderate amounts, cream cheese can be modestly healthy. Cheese in general is a good alternate source of protein which is great for people with meat restricted diets like vegetarians. The calcium component in cheese is also good for inducing relief from hypertension and bone conditions like osteoporosis. Cheese can also help maintain the health and quality of your teeth and assist you in gaining weight. 


    Per Serving:

    119 calories

    12.3 g fat

    0.8 g carbohydrates

    1.8 g protein

    39 mg cholesterol

    85 mg sodium

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    How to Make Mascarpone Substitute

    1. Mix together the cream cheese, cream, and butter in a medium sized bowl until the mixture is thoroughly blended.
    2. Use in place of mascarpone in any recipe.


    The starch content of Arborio rice, the rice used in risotto, is what gives risotto its creamy quality.

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